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Metal carports shield vehicles from the elements with durable structures, offering cost-effective protection against weather damage. These shelters extend the lifespan of your vehicles while adding value to your property.

Combo Units

Metal combo units are versatile structures that combine the functionality of a traditional carport with additional enclosed storage space.

RV Covers

Metal RV covers provide robust protection for recreational vehicles against harsh weather conditions, shielding them from sun, rain, and snow. With durable steel or aluminum construction, these covers offer long-lasting defense while ensuring the longevity of your valuable RV investment.


Metal garages offer a sturdy and secure space to protect vehicles, equipment, and belongings from the elements.

Combo Garage

Metal combo garage units integrate the functionality of a traditional garage with additional enclosed storage space, providing a versatile solution for various needs.

Enclosed Barns

Metal enclosed barns offer robust and secure storage solutions for agricultural equipment, livestock, and supplies.

Straight Roof Barns

Metal straight roof barns feature a classic design that maximizes interior space and provides efficient shelter for farming equipment or livestock.

Step Down Barns

Metal step-down barns are designed with a gradual decline in roof elevation, creating a multi-level structure ideal for various livestock and storage needs.

Single Slope

Metal single slope structures feature a sleek, modern design with a single angled roof, offering a streamlined and efficient space for various purposes.

Widespan Commercial

Metal widespan commercial structures provide expansive, unobstructed interiors ideal for versatile commercial applications, from warehouses to manufacturing facilities.

Roof Styles



The Traditional Style roof is complete with horizontal roof paneling and curved in sides, rather than extending out to create an eave. This provides the extra height without having to purchase additional height, and still manages to protect your vehicles and equipment efficiently. A Traditional Style roof is the most cost effective roof in our catalog.

A-Frame Horizontal

A-Frame Horizontal

The A-Frame Horizontal roof is a traditional roof option that extends on the sides to create an eave. Roof panels for this style run horizontally, which is efficient for areas that do not receive heavy rainfall and require more heavy-duty draining options.

A-Frame Vertical

A-Frame Vertical

The A-Frame Vertical Style roof is most efficient for areas that receive frequent harsh weather such as snow or heavy rainfall. Roof panels run vertically, allowing efficient drainage. This style provides an eave overhang as well.


20 Year Warranty

From the date of installation, the structure will carry a 20-year rust through warranty. This warranty shall be expressly limited to framing elements and roofing/siding materials (normal user care and maintenance are required by the buyer).

1 Year Roof Leak Warranty

R&B Metal Structures warrants the building to be free from leaks originating at the roof for one year after installation.

90 Day Workmanship Warranty

R&B Metal Structures warrants that the structure will be free from any and all defects in workmanship 90 days from the date of installation.

1 Year Door & Window Warranty

R&B Metal Structures guarantees that all doors and windows will work as designed for a period of one year from the date of installation.

40 Year Warranty

(Upgraded Purchase Required). Roof and siding panels carry a 40 year chalk and fade resistant warranty from the date of installation. This warranty is limited to chalking and/or fading of roofing materials (normal user care and maintenance required by the buyer).

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